Rotaract Club Of Ashoka Artisans

We at Ashoka Artisans aim to carve a world without sorrows as we handicraft love and spread positivity like the branches of a tree but still remain rooted for the strength that lies in it.

About the club


Rotaract Club of Ashoka Artisans is a community service youth organization sponsored by Rotary Club Of Delhi Ashoka under Rotaract District Organization RID 3012. We have many Rotaractors associated with us. All are from Different Backgrounds and Colleges. Our main aim is to serve the community through fellowships. Make a lasting Impact by choosing  activities that work in Collaboration with Community Members and the recipients of the service.


Rotaract Family


Building blocks of the rota family

While we choose to be artisans of joy we remain indebted to our parent Rotary Club Delhi "Ashoka" for our strength and are so proudly called Rotaract Club Of Ashoka Artisans.

Quick look at few of our projects




We focus on fighting various diseases prevailing in the society by making people aware about them.


Project Postcard

An initiative to bring a sense of old times through a hand written card. We make handmade customised postcards.



An initiative to teach the underprivileged children with major skills through workshops
 and collaborated with schools.



An initiative to spread awareness about plastic outbreak and emphasis on the Reuse and Reduce of Plastics.



An initiative to provide the underprivileded section of the community with the necessary items through drives.



An initiative to spread legal awareness among the generations of the society. So by this we help people know more.

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be Useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you lived and lived well"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ongoing Projects

Anna Ratnam 2.0

Rotaract Club of Ashoka Artisans is back with Anna Ratnam 2.0. In the current scenario where the world is fighting from a pandemic, we intend to do serve the society by providing the needy with food so that no one sleeps with an empty stomach. The event is about Providing home cooked food to the needy.

Anna Ratnam 2.0 gave us an opportunity to bring smiles on those faces which have forgotten to smile because of their endless miseries. Our initiative might not be big enough to change their lives but will definitely help them to forget their pain and problems for at least some time.

Project Aaina (District Project)

Project Aaina aims to bring a change in the society by providing sex education to the present generation Youth .  An education which is a must for all but is not given to even a few. An effort to break the monotony when it comes to Sex Education.

Enough of the  "shhhhhh Ye sab batein sabk saamne nhi kari jaati hai". Its high time we understand the worth of sex education in the lives of the generations born and yet to be born.

Rotaract Club of Ashoka Artisans

Let's come  together and make efforts towards building a society with no social evils and a society fit for living irrespective of the cast, color and creed. We aim towards creating a better world for generations born and yet to be born.

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